C. Lindsey Williams

As readers as in life, we tend to like some people or characters more than others. What is your initial opinion of Geoff? Are your sympathies with him or with Susie? Why?

Relationships evolve through the years. How has your relationship evolved? And what does it take for couples to grow and evolve together?

Do you know women like Susie? What do you think drives her behavior?

Geoff prides himself on his status as a family man. What makes him vulnerable to Meagan?

In situations like these, we tend to want to place blame. On whom would you place blame for Meagan and Geoff’s infidelity? Or would you do so at all?

There is an undeniable sexual tension between Meagan and Geoff. To what would you ascribe it?

Statistics show that one in four women will suffer abuse in their lifetime. And most abused women stay with their abuser far longer than is safe. Why do you think that is? Why do you think Meagan stayed so long with Bobbie?

If you were Jennifer, how would you have responded to your friend’s situation? Would you have pushed her to leave her husband? Supported her relationship with Geoff?

Jennifer is a single mom. In her shoes, how might you have responded to Meagan’s fortune?

What do you think of Nick’s involvement in Geoff and Meagan’s affair? How do you think the relationship would have played out if he had refused to help them?

Geoff is not only unphased by Meagan’s sexual experimentation, he is supportive of it. Do you think most women are as curious as Meagan? And why do you think Geoff is supportive?

What do you like about Geoff? What do you dislike? Why?

Describe what Geoff brings to Meagan’s life?

Henry Kissinger famously said that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. While Meagan does not know how successful Geoff is when she meets him, it soon becomes apparent. How do you think his success impacts the relationship and why? Why are women drawn to successful men?

Why do you think Nick is so loyal to Geoff? Do you think Geoff is fair to Nick? Why or why not?

Is Bobbie a sociopath or a psychopath? How does he manage to remain in his coaching position as long as he does?

Love and lust are often confused. How do they best play into each other? When is lust toxic?

Geoff’s abandonment of Susie seems abrupt. Is it?

Geoff seems like a devoted father, yet when it comes to Meagan, he is able to put his obligations to his kids aside. What does this say about him? How involved are men usually with their kids, and how does that involvement differ from a mother’s involvement?

There is an ambiguity to the end of the book. If you were writing the epilogue, what would have happened?

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